Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Star Wars At-At Walker Cake

For my son's 6th birthday party we decided on a "Jedi Training Camp" theme. So I asked Cole (my son) what he wanted his birthday cake to look like this year. He boldly asked for an AT AT walker cake.    ooooookay …Really?! Is that what you want? Are you sure? For those of you who are not captivated by the Star Wars series, here is a photo of an AT AT Walker.

AT AT Walker 005 

Ok.... let's see. I need to make this thing into a cake. Right.... Let the brainstorming begin.  By golly, I think I’ve got it!

The Process

Fall 2007- May 2008 190

I bought 4 - 12” cake pillars because they make great legs.  In this case, I covered them in foil to make clean up easier.  I was going to be using a Crisco/powdered sugar frosting. 

             Fall 2007- May 2008 196

I used an old car cake mold I had laying around for the chocolate top (which I sculpted into the correct shape) and a 12 x 12 cake pan for the yellow cake.  I ended up cutting the yellow cake in half and stacked it.  I also cut out a cardboard base for the underside of the cake (seen covered in foil down in the left corner).

Fall 2007- May 2008 199

Body- Lots and Lots of gray frosting…. interesting.

             Fall 2007- May 2008 201

The head was carved from a Styrofoam cube.  It had to be light weight because I needed it to attach to the front of the body.

Fall 2007- May 2008 200 

I glued the legs to the tray with rubber cement so they would not slip.

                  Fall 2007- May 2008 210

                          I used the guns off of Cole’s at at walker.

Fall 2007- May 2008 211

I used bronze luster dust and a small paint brush to make the “rusty metal” appearance.

The Result

Fall 2007- May 2008 213

We transported the cake in 3 sections to the party. Some assembly required.

                      Fall 2007- May 2008 239

I placed some of the action figures around the feet and on top of the at at walker.

                     What a great day!

Fall 2007- May 2008 247


  1. WOW, this is soooooo cool. Love it, i am making an X wing cake for my boyfriends 21st, been trying to work out how to fit it together, have it flying (above the table) and you've given me some great ideas, cake pillars (genius).

  2. well done , i have a 6yr olds birthday coming up and he has asked for the dreaded at at too .. now i know how i can do it ..