Wednesday, March 11, 2009

“Fruit Gobbler”

I was asked to organize a kindergarten Thanksgiving party a while ago.  It was my first time attempting such a thing.  So, I set out very diligently to find “fun finger foods” that 5 year olds would love to eat.  I came across this great website There, I located some very cute and fun foods for just such an occasion.  I was thrilled!  I am naturally inclined to go a bit overboard when I take on a project like this (I believe in a good and healthy way).  So, I had done my research and made a plan for the party food.  Now comes the time when I contact other moms who might want to help.  This is where it all heads south.  To put it lightly, these moms were not as “into it” as I was.  I was gently corrected by prominent mom’s who were “in the know”  that at these parties it is customary to get a meat and cheese tray from Costco so the kids can have sandwiches.    To Self;   “COSTCO?  Can you be more boring??”

Slight change of plans… I actually heard myself saying.. “Oh, that would be just great!  Anything you would like to contribute would be just wonderful.”  Of course, inside I am crushed and dying.  You see, I have a small control issue on stuff like this.  But, what are you gonna do?  One mom, who is now my dear friend was willing to “play along” with me.  She brought the cutest pilgrims hats made out of upside down Keebler cookies and chocolate dipped marshmallows.

pilgrims hats cookies

Here was my contribution. 

        Fall 2007- May 2008 106

Made with fruit and cheese skewers the kids got to “pluck”.  Totally fun to eat and healthy too! 

Fall 2007- May 2008 103

People, I know that we are all overworked and tired and stressed out.  But, seriously why would we pass up opportunities to make our kids holiday parties a tiny bit more festive?  Really, a sandwich tray for our little guys? Really?  Well, I guess it at least puts food in their stomachs… although, probably not a big smile of their faces.

Right now I know that some of you are cheering me on and others of you are cursing me.  Either way, I feel pretty good about just how cute this “fruit gobbler” turned out.  Thank you Family Fun.  Great ideas. Thank you Kelly for being such a great sport.


  1. Hello, sister-in-law to the fabulous Jenny on the Spot. Very nice to meet you. :)

    And that turkey-kabob is awesome!!