Friday, February 27, 2009

Grand Piano Cake

I was asked about a month ago to assist with my dear friend Carol’s surprise birthday party.  I was pretty excited at the thought of getting to make a cake… you see, making fun cakes is what I am becoming known for.  Note: I said “fun” cakes not “great cakes” or “awesome cakes” or “beautiful cakes”.

In brainstorming this cake, I had to think of what might represent Carol the best that could also be edible.  That took me back about 3 years ago when I first met Carol.  She was leading worship in our little church.  You should have seen her… she has these blue eyes that just sparkle (especially when she sings about our Lord).  She had one hand on the piano, one hand on the keyboard and she was singing into her microphone!  I thought to myself “I wonder if she had symbols strapped to her knees under that piano too!”

So, I made the decision to make her a grand piano cake.



The Process


4 box cakes (with pudding in the mix)


3 cake pillar legs and a custom reinforced cardboard cut out in the shape of the piano.  I also used a clear glass cutting board with this cake because I was scared to cut into it with only 3 legs.  Everything worked out well.


I used gum paste (which I dyed) to make the keys, sheet music holder and wrapped some around the legs.


I frosted with chocolate butter cream.  It was my first time using that type of frosting.  It went pretty well as far as spreading went.  By the time we ate the cake it had hardened a little.  It still tasted good and the cake was moist and delicious.


I moved the cake onto its legs and there you have it.  A chocolate butter cream grand piano cake.  It was so cute when it was finished that I almost gave it a name and kept it as a pet.




  1. Really beautifull cake! I don't know if I would have the courage to put it on legs though :D

  2. Cymbals not Symbols.

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