Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Police Treats 2012 for the record.

IMG_0692                                                                                      This was North Sound Church’s first blessing to the Edmonds Police.  It was very well received, so we kept blessing them throughout the year.IMG_0694IMG_0693                                                                                     

February – Life Savers

IMG_0695IMG_0740IMG_0741                                                                                                            March Laser POPS



April – Easter Treat- Chocolate eggs and jelly bean filled carrot bags



May Flowers with Pink Cookies



July Survival Kits for the 4th


August Pop Corn



September – Trail Mix



October’s treat is not pictured here. It was a Halloween goodie bag filled with seasonal candy.


November Cookie Tray




December Christmas Truffles from Nama’s


It was a blessing to be a blessing to our men and women in blue.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Couture Cup cakes

I was privileged to make these charming cupcakes for a special wedding.  Each one of the 400 were unique.  It took about 60 “wo” man hours to get the hob done.  Congratulations Ira and Nova.  May God bless your marriage.

Church Cake

What a fun project this was! As a cake sculpter novice, which I still consider myself to be… I took on the task of creating a model cake of our 100 year old church building.  It was a blessing that the building was not plumb since my cake was not either… I meant to do that.

Flip Flop Cupcakes

     I made these cupcakes by dipping the frosted cakes in brown sugar for the sand and making individual fondant flip flops and men’s leather sandals.  The event was a kick off party before taking a catamaran cruise around the British Virgin Islands.

Flip Flop Cupcakes 001

I have to give credit for the pink flip flop idea to Elisa Strauss.  She is the inspiration for so much of what I attempt.



Monday, December 31, 2012

Pumpkin Carving Creations

Some fun with our pumpkins for Halloween. 

Polka Dot Cupcakes

I created these cuties for a sweet 16 birthday and one other time for a first birthday.  They are whimsical and fun.

I died my fondant to the requested color and used embossing sheets to create a print and layered with dots and circles.  Gluing on a silver candy ball makes them extra charming.